The Premier Wrap Plan

The Premier Wrap Plan covers all items listed below.


Starter motor, power window motor/regulator, starter solenoid, power mirror motor, wiper motor, manually operated switches, alternator, power door locks, power seat motors, automatic shoulder belt motor and switches, power antenna motor assembly, distributor, sunroof motor, cruise control, power mirror defogger, automatic temperature control module, cruise control vacuum motor, lamp failure indicator sensor, windshield washer pump, defogger relay, automatic-off headlamp system, headlamp washer, electric fuel pump assembly, engine cooling fan motor, retractable headlamp motor, clutch starter interlock system, convertible top motor.

Suspension Components

(Front and Rear): Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts, radius arm, spindle support, spindle, bearings and bushings, tie rod assemblies, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, steering knuckle, electronic modulated suspension actuator.

Brake Components

Master cylinder, brake booster, wheel cylinders, disc brake calipers, parking brake cable, brake line and tubes, proportioning valve, load-sensing proportioning valve, seals and gaskets, anti-lock braking system (ABS) actuator.

Computers and Electronics

Tilt/telescoping steering computer, variable induction system, electronic fuel injection (EFI)computer, electronic instrument display computer, electronically modulated suspension computer, automatic shoulder belt computer, progressive power steering computer, power seat computer, sunroof control computer, cruise control computer, trip computer, electronic ignition module, intrusion monitoring system, anti-lock braking system (ABS) computer and sensors, electronically controlled transmission/transfer case computer and sensors, engine control computer.

Steering Components

Idler arm, relay rod, tie rod pitman arm, steering column shaft, steering column coupling, steering dampener, steering column assembly, power steering pump, gear box internal components and: rack and pinion, seals and gaskets, steering gear box and pump housings, (but only if damaged as a direct result of a covered steering component).

Fuel System

Fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel tank, carburetor, fuel pressure regulator, diesel fuel injection pump, fuel sensors, air flow meter, electronic fuel injection system, throttle body.

Cooling System

Engine fan motor, radiator, water pump, engine fan shroud, engine fan clutch, seals and gaskets, engine fab, fan bracket subassembly.

Air Conditioning/Heating

Condenser, evaporator, bearings, compressor clutch assembly, compressor, condenser fan and motor, heater control valve, receiver/dryer, expansion valve, pressure regulator assembly, blower motor, A/C pressure switches, seals and gaskets.

*Repairs does not include maintenance and discount cannot be combined with other offers.