Purchase vs. Lease Time to figure out what’s best for you.


When you finance a VW through Volkswagen Credit, you make monthly payments for the length of the loan.¹ And as soon as you pay it off, it's all yours. There are no mileage restrictions, no excess wear charges, no due date for returning the vehicle. With terms from 12 to 72 months and competitive rates, there's a plan for your budget.

Benefits of purchasing:

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • No mileage or vehicle customization restrictions
  • Ownership equity
  • No charges for excess wear


This option is typically for folks who want either lower monthly payments or to more easily get into a brand new VW every few years. In both cases, you simply choose how long you want to drive your new VW, from one to four years, then turn it in when the time's up.² The longer you lease the vehicle, the lower your monthly payments are (on average).

Plus, you can also opt to buy your VW at the end of the lease. Whatever works best for you, we want to help make it happen. Any of our local dealers will be more than happy to take you through the process in detail. Please check out VW's Wear and Use Policy² before deciding on this avenue.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Lower monthly payments (on average than buying)
  • Flexible terms
  • Option to buy your vehicle
  • Get into a new vehicle more often

Driver’s Option Plan

Can't decide whether to buy or lease? Then don't. Our Driver's Option Plan³ offers the best of both worlds.

With the Driver's Option Plan³ you decide how long you want your VW. Once the term is up, you can pay off your balance, refinance the balance, or turn the car into a VW dealer.

Benefits of the Driver’s Option Plan

  • Lower monthly payments (on average)
  • No security deposit
  • No acquisition fee
  • Three end-of-term options

(Some additional charges may apply, as stated in our Wear and Use Policy.²)

If this sounds interesting to you, one of our VW Credit consultants will be happy to tell you more about it.

*Repairs does not include maintenance and discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.